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Updated November 6, 2023
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Family lore : a novel
Acevedo, Elizabeth

Flor has a gift: she can predict, to the day, when someone will die. So when she decides she wants a living wake, a party to bring her family and community together to celebrate the long life she's led, her sisters are surprised. Has Flor foreseen her own death, or someone else's? Does she have other motives? She refuses to tell her sisters, Matilde, Pastora, and Camila. But Flor isn't the only person with secrets: her sisters are hiding things, too. And the next generation, cousins Ona and Yadi, face tumult of their own.

Murder on the Poet's Walk
Adams, Ellery
When corpses clutching poems begin turning up around Storyton Hall, Jane Steward is on the trail of someone exercising poetic license to kill and is determined to keep her fairytale resort from turning into a southern gothic . . .
Undercover bromance
Adams, Lyssa Kay

When Liv hears celebrity chef Royce Preston sexually harass a young waitress at his restaurant, she stands up to him and ends up getting fired from her job there. She vows that Royce Preston has not heard the last of her. But to take on the powerful chef, she's going to need help. Unfortunately, the only person she can think of is notorious Romeo Braden Mack. With the aid of the Bromance Book Club (who are inspired by the romantic suspense novel they re currently reading), they set out to take down the chef. Can Liv keep the sparks between her and Mack to a minimum?

Adiga, Aravind

Danny--formerly Dhananjaya Rajaratnam--is an illegal immigrant in Sydney, Australia, denied refugee status after he fled from Sri Lanka. Working as a cleaner, living out of a grocery storeroom, for three years he's been trying to create a new identity for himself. And now, with his beloved vegan girlfriend, Sonja, with his hidden accent and highlights in his hair, he is as close as he has ever come to living a normal life. But then one morning, Danny learns a female client of his has been murdered. The deed was done with a knife, at a creek he'd been to with her before; and a jacket was left at the scene, which he believes belongs to another of his clients--a doctor with whom Danny knows the woman was having an affair. Suddenly Danny is confronted with a choice: Come forward with his knowledge about the crime and risk being deported? Or say nothing, and let justice go undone?

Chain-gang all-stars
Adjei-Brenyah, Nana Kwame
Echoes in the walls
Andrews, V. C.
Fern and her mother have lived as servants in Wyndemere House, the old gothic mansion of the Davenport family, for as long as she can remember. And her friendship with Dr. Davenport's son Ryder was never a problem . . . until they came of age.
The Book Haters' Book Club : a novel
Anthony, Gretchen
All it takes is the right book to turn a Book Hater into a Book Lover... That was what Elliot--the beloved co-owner of Over the Rainbow Bookshop--believed before his untimely passing. He always had the perfect book suggestion for the self-proclaimed Book Hater. Now his...
Poppy Redfern and the fatal flyers
Arlen, Tessa

It is the late autumn of 1942. Our indomitable heroine Poppy Redfern is thoroughly immersed in her new job as a scriptwriter at the London Crown Film Unit, which produces short films featuring British civilians who perform acts of valor and heroism in wartime. After weeks of typing copy and sharpening pencils, Poppy is thrilled to receive her first solo script project- a ten-minute film about the Attagirls, and Poppy is enthralled to meet these glamorous wartime heroines. But she never expects to see two of the pilots die in seemingly preventable "accidents." Poppy and her handsome American fighter pilot Griff believe foul play may be at work and they soon realize that a murderer with a desire for revenge is already looking for a new victim.

Rawhide Jake : learning the ropes
Arnold, J. D.
" Rawhide Jake: Learning the Ropes is the first book in a trilogy on the Life and Times of Detective Jonas V. Brighton. Based on a true-life character (1847-1928), it rolls through the adventure of his time in the penitentiary, his first years as understudy to a young and lusty female...
April in Spain : a novel
Banville, John

San Sebastian, Spain. Dublin pathologist Quirke is struggling to relax, despite the beaches, cafés and the company of his lovely wife. When he glimpses a familiar face in the twilight at Las Acadas bar, he knows it can't be April Latimer-- she was murdered by her brother, years ago. When Quirke makes a call back home to Ireland, Detective St. John Strafford is dispatched to Spain. But he is not the only one en route: A relentless hit man is on the hunt for his latest prey, and the next victim might be Quirke himself.

The crane husband
Barnhill, Kelly Regan

A fifteen-year-old teenager is the backbone of her small Midwestern family, budgeting the household finances and raising her younger brother while her mother, a talented artist, weaves beautiful tapestries. For six years, it's been just the three of them--her mother has brought home guests at times, but none have ever stayed. Yet when her mother brings home a six-foot tall crane with a menacing air, the girl is powerless to prevent her mom letting the intruder into her heart, and her children's lives. Utterly enchanted and numb to his sharp edges, her mother abandons the world around her to weave the masterpiece the crane demands.

The rodeo queen
Bell, Marcella

Bell brings the diverse world of competitive rodeo to life with vivid details and enhances the slow burn, opposites attract romance with chemistry and banter. Readers will be captivated." Publishers Weekly, starred review.

Miss Pearly's girls
Billingsley, ReShonda Tate

Raising four very different daughters on her own in rural Arkansas wasn't easy for Miss Pearly Bell. And she's always regretted that the sisters went their separate ways for good - and never wanted to see each other again. But when Pearly is stricken with a terminal illness, she summons them all home - determined to somehow help them get right with each other and forgive... But that means dealing with past secrets and lies first.

Red flags
Black, Lisa
When D.C. crime scene analyst Dr. Ellie Carr is called to investigate the heartrending case of a missing baby, she's shocked to discover that the child's mother is her own cousin. Close during their impoverished childhoods, Ellie and Rebecca eventually drifted apart. Rebecca is now half of a...

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