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Updated April 14, 2024
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American Idolatry: How Christian Nationalism Betrays the Gospel and Threatens the Church
Andrew L. Whitehead
"Heartfelt, incisive, and worthy of thoughtful consideration."--Library Journal "A fascinating investigation of politics and racism in American Christian evangelicalism."--Foreword Reviews "An important book with an important message."--...
Hunting Magic Eels: Recovering an Enchanted Faith in a Skeptical Age
Richard Beck
We live in a secular age, a world dominated by science and technology. Increasing numbers of us don't believe in God anymore. We don't expect miracles. We've grown up and left those fairytales behind, culturally and personally. ...
The Great Dechurching : Who's Leaving, Why Are They Going, and What Will It Take to Bring Them Back?
Jim Davis
Losing Our Religion: An Altar Call for Evangelical America
Russell Moore
Former Southern Baptist pastor and Christianity Today editor-in-chief Russell Moore calls for repentance and renewal in American evangelicalism American evangelical Christianity has lost its way. While the witness of the church before a watching world is diminished beyond...
Disobedient Women: How a Small Group of Faithful Women Exposed Abuse, Brought Down Powerful Pastors, and Ignited an Evangelical Reckoning
Sarah Stankorb
A NATIONAL BESTSELLER! Journalist Sarah Stankorb outlines how access to the internet--its networks, freedom of expression, and resources for deeply researching and reporting on powerful church figures--allowed women to begin dismantling the false authority of...
Overcoming Every Problem: 40 Promises from God’s Word to Strengthen You Through Life’s Greatest Challenges
Joyce Meyer
New York Times bestselling author Joyce Meyer guides you through 40 promises in the Bible so that no matter what problem you face, you have God's ultimate wisdom to overcome it! Everyone has problems. They may be issues in our relationships, finances, mental...
Five Lies of Our Anti-Christian Age
Rosaria Butterfield
I Am Asking in the Name of God: Ten Prayers for a Future of Hope
Pope Francis
The beloved Pope Francis's long-awaited prayers for the ten most pressing issues the world is facing today, inspiring action to radically unite humanity in hope for a peaceful future "The clock is ticking, and all life is in danger, yet we still have time. . . ....
On Our Best Behavior: The Seven Deadly Sins and the Price Women Pay to Be Good
Elise Loehnen
NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER * A groundbreaking exploration of the ancient rules women unwittingly follow in order to be considered "good," revealing how the Seven Deadly Sins still control and distort our lives and illuminating a path toward a more balanced, spiritually complete way to live<...
The Josiah Manifesto: The Ancient Mystery & Guide for the End Times
Jonathan Cahn
NEW YORK TIMES BEST SELLER Is there an answer, a guide, a blueprint that reveals what you need to know to survive, to stand, and to prevail in view of what's coming in the days ahead?   Has it been revealed to us in the appearing of a...
Holy Unhappiness: God, Goodness, and the Myth of the Blessed Life
Amanda Held Opelt
Discover what it means to be blessed and challenge the false beliefs many in the church hold about "the good life" and what it means to walk in communion with God. American Christians have developed a long list of expectations about what the life with God will feel ...
The Science of the Good Samaritan: Thinking Bigger about Loving Our Neighbors
Dr. Emily Smith
What does it mean to love your neighbor in today's fraught, divided world Join Dr. Emily Smith, global health expert and creator of the popular Facebook page Friendly Neighbor Epidemiologist, as she dives into what loving your neighbor--as illustrated in the biblical parable...
The Evangelical Imagination: How Stories, Images, and Metaphors Created a Culture in Crisis
Karen Swallow Prior
Christianity Today 2024 Book Award Finalist (Culture and the Arts) "Provides plenty of fodder for those wishing to explore what evangelicalism is and reimagine what it might become. It's an eye-opener."--Publishers Weekly "Akin to enjoying a...
Pray First
Chris Hodges
Prayer is the lifeblood of the Christian faith--but many followers of Jesus still struggle to make prayer part of their daily lives. In Pray First, bestselling author and pastor Chris Hodges shows us how to make prayer a first response instead of a last resort. Why is it that so many...
15 Ways to Live Longer and Healthier: Life-Changing Strategies for Greater Energy, a More Focused Mind, and a Calmer Soul
Joel Osteen
#1 New York Times bestselling author Joel Osteen shares his best wisdom on the simple choices we can make each day to live longer, happier, and healthier lives. What if a healthy, abundant, joyful, faith-filled life is within reach? What if you could increase your...
When the World Didn't End: A Memoir
Guinevere Turner
In this immersive, spell-binding memoir, an acclaimed screenwriter tells the story of her childhood growing up with the infamous Lyman Family cult-and the complicated and unexpected pain of leaving the only home she'd ever known On January 5, 1975, the world was supposed to end....
Happiness Is Overrated: Simple Lessons on Finding Meaning in Each Moment
Cuong Lu
Stop chasing happiness and reconnect to the meaning of each moment through this practical guide, told through vignettes of life training as a Buddhist monk under world-renowned spiritual leader Thich Nhat Hanh. We spend so much time in pursuit of happiness-trying to purchase it,...
The Great Disappearance: 31 Ways to be Rapture Ready
Dr. David Jeremiah
An Instant Wall Street Journal, USA Today, and Publishers Weekly Bestseller The rapture is the central event in biblical prophecy. But what does it mean for us today How can this crucial end times event draw us nearer to God in a world that is seemingly on the brink of chaos...
Being God's Image: Why Creation Still Matters
Carmen Joy Imes
What does it mean to be human? This timeless question proves critical as we seek to understand our purpose, identity, and significance. Amidst the many voices clamoring to shape our understanding of humanity, the Bible reveals important truths related to our human identity and ...
Go Home for Dinner: Advice on How Faith Makes a Family and Family Makes a Life
Mike Pence
In this personal account, former Vice President Mike Pence champions one of his most deeply held beliefs: faith makes a family, and family makes a life. When Mike Pence was a young politician, reporters used to ask him: "where do you see yourself in five, ten years?" ...
The Tibetan Book of the Dead for Beginners: A Guide to Living and Dying
Rinpoche Lama Lhanang
A Spirituality & Practice Best Spiritual Book of 2023 Enduring and accessible advice for living with wisdom and compassion―and meeting the end of life with courage and peace Through countless editions and across centuries, The Tibetan Book...
The Rise and Fall of Dispensationalism: How the Evangelical Battle Over the End Times Shaped a Nation
Daniel G. Hummel
A fascinating history of dispensationalism and its influence on popular culture, politics, and religion    In The Rise and Fall of Dispensationalism, Daniel G. Hummel illuminates how dispensationalism, despite often being dismissed as a fringe end-times...
Lincoln's God: How Faith Transformed a President and a Nation
Joshua Zeitz
Lincoln's spiritual journey from spiritual skeptic to America's first evangelical Christian presidentbeliever--a conversion that changed both the Civil War and the practice of religion itself. Abraham Lincoln, unlike most of his political brethren, kept organized Christianity at...
The Language of the Soul: Meeting God in the Longings of Our Hearts
Jeff Crosby
For over fifteen years, writer Jeff Crosby has been searching for a language of the soul--a way to articulate our deepest longings. Through the years he gathered clues from within global music styles, from different cultures, from his own Christian tradition and its sacred texts--and from deep...
The Garden Within: Where the War with Your Emotions Ends and Your Most Powerful Life Begins
Dr. Anita Phillips
NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER WALL STREET JOURNAL BESTSELLER Featured on SUPER SOUL PODCAST hosted by Oprah Winfrey. Too often we've been taught to view our emotions with suspicion...
Blessed in the Mess: How to Experience God's Goodness in the Midst of Life’s Pain
Joyce Meyer
Renowned Bible teacher and #1 New York Times bestselling author Joyce Meyer shows readers how to not just survive but thrive amidst both the everyday and the monumental messes we experience in life. Life is often messy. We hear people say, "My life is a mess," or "This situation...

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