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Updated June 13, 2023
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Accidental archaeologists : true stories of unexpected discoveries
Albee, Sarah
Science meets real-life mystery in this adventurous look at incredible unexpected finds that changed history.Secret treasures are buried all around us -- you just have to look for them!Accidental Archaeologists takes you on an adventure through time to relive some of the coolest surprise...
Digging up dinosaurs
Read and find out about dinosaurs in this colorfully illustrated nonfiction picture book. How did those enormous dinosaur skeletons get inside the museum? Beloved author-illustrator Aliki's simple, engaging text and colorful artwork bring the long-extinct creatures to life for young...
Dinosaur dig!
Dale, Penny
A fantastic picture book that combines a little boy's two favourite things: dinosaurs and machines!
Chirri & Chirra, underground
Doi, Kaya
Chirri and Chirra go underground in this charming addition to the Chirri & Chirra series! Behind a hole in their basement wall, Chirri and Chirra discover a network of tunnels. Join them as they visit moles, discover caves full of glowing flowers, poke at the roots of growing plants, traverse...
Creature features : dinosaurs
Durley, Natasha
Each page in this book is bursting with unusual creatures from the time of dinosaurs, all united by a common characteristic. From wonderful wings to terrific teeth, from tyrannosaurs to ancient turtles, this eclectic collection celebrates the diversity and similarities of the dinosaurs and other...
The lifters
Eggers, Dave
Journey to an underground world where adventure awaits and heroes are made in this middle grade novel from the bestselling, Pulitzer-nominated author of The Monk of Mokha and Her Right Foot. When Gran and his family move to Carousel, he has no idea that the town is...
Dig! Lift! Push!
Fačy, Bernard
DK's widely popular John Deere publishing program has three fantastic new titles for younger readers. Build it big with John Deere's strong machines in Dig! Lift! Push! Kids will love all the excitement of the construction site as these big machines dig, lift, push, and build.
Fleming, Denise
Discover the down and dirty secrets of underground creatures in this vibrant picture book from a Caldecott Honor medalist. What young child doesn't love playing in the dirt? And who hasn't wondered what goes on in the lives of all the creatures who live underground? ...
Archaeologists on a dig
Fliess, Sue
Join a team of archaeologists onsite at Angkor Wat in Cambodia. Sam is an archaeologist. He and his team find and study ancient objects to learn more about the people who made and used them long ago. On this exciting dig, they carefully remove dirt layer by...
Curious George's dinosaur discovery
Hapka, Cathy.
Curious George loves dinosaurs, so he’s excited to visit a dig to look for real dinosaur bones. Will the curious little monkey help make a big discovery?
A face like glass
Hardinge, Frances.
"In the underground city of Caverna the world's most skilled craftsmen toil in the darkness to create delicacies beyond compare - wines that can remove memories, cheeses that can make you hallucinate and perfumes that convince you to trust the wearer, even as they slit your throat. The people of...
Dig, dogs, dig : a construction tail
Horvath, James (Cartoonist)
Beginning readers will love this I Can Read adventure starring a doggy construction crew, gently adapted from James Horvath's popular picture book of the same title. Top dog Duke and his crew of construction-worker dogs are hard at work building a new park. They need lots of...
Born to be giants : how baby dinosaurs grew to rule the world
Judge, Lita.
TOO TINY TO BE TERRIFYING. The fascinating world of baby dinosaurs--in amazing pictures! What did a dinosaur look like sitting on its eggs? What kind of parent was a Tyrannosaurus rex? How could an Argentinosaurus, who probably hatched from an egg no bigger than 18 inches long, grow up to...
Who came first : new clues to prehistoric Americans
Lauber, Patricia.
All of the people who came to the Americas many thousands of years ago walked across the Bering Land Bridge between Siberia and Alaska. Right? Wrong! Some early Americans did come that way, but tantalizing evidence shows that many did not. Young readers are invited to come along with Pat Lauber as...
McCanna, Tim
"A rousingly rumbly ramble." --Kirkus Reviews The Land Before Time meets Eric Carle in this delightful read-aloud featuring "melodious and spare" (USA TODAY) language by master storyteller Tim McCanna. Follow a triceratops, a sauropod, and...
If dinosaurs lived in my town
Plumridge, Marianne
Imagine a town where dinosaurs never went extinct. What would you do? Would you frantically run away and hide under your bed? Or, would you have a hamburger-eating contest with a Tyrannosaurus rex; go fishing with a Rhamphorhynchus; or travel through space with a Coelophysis?...
Underworld : exploring the secret world beneath your feet
Price, Jane
With the intriguing idea of exploring what lies below the surface of the Earth as its broad theme, this fascinating book cleverly dices up the subject into small, more manageable pieces ready to be devoured by young readers, particularly boys. The basics are covered in detail, such as the physical...
Dig to disaster
Quackenbush, Robert
World-famous duck-tective Miss Mallard must discover who is terrorizing an archaeological expedition in this mystery that launches QUIX, a new line of fun-to-read short chapter books that are perfect for emerging readers. A terrifying headless demon threatens an archaeological...
Secrets of the dead: mummies and other human remains from around the world
Ralphs, Matt.
Travel back in time to discover the secrets of mummies and other human remains from around the world.
Archaeologists and what they do
Slegers, Liesbet
"Young students will find this book delightfully informative, very interesting, and most inspiring... This is a great STEM book to be included on the elementary level.Illustrations portray childhood expressions beautifully." - ITEEA An archaeologist searches for things that people...
Under your feet
Stroud, Jacqueline L.
Down where worms wriggle and microbes squirm, there's a whole world waiting to be discovered... Under Your Feet delves beneath the Earth's surface and explores the diverse wonders hidden there. Encounter creatures of the deep and marvel at the mind-boggling size of the...
Dig, dump, roll
Sutton, Sally
Wham-a-hammer, bam-a-slamma! The construction crew is back -- but what are they building this time? Crash-a-rumble! Smash-a-grumble! What's at work? Here's a clue: It will clear the ground for you. Bulldozer! Coming through!
Paris Catacombs
Von Finn, Denny.
Long ago, the cemeteries of Paris were overflowing with dead bodies. The solution? Dig up the bones and move them to quarries beneath the city. Now the dark tunnels are artfully lined with bones and skulls, but visitors notice more than the décor. Find out how resentful ghosts make their presence...
Thunder underground
Yolen, Jane
In this collection of poems that's a science, poetry, and adventure story all rolled into one, noted children's poet Jane Yolen takes readers on an expedition underground. This thought-provoking collection will evoke a sense of wonder and awe in readers, as they discover the...

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