Planning to hit the Barbie/Oppenheimer double feature? Get ready with fiction and nonfiction books about Robert Oppenheimer, the Manhattan Project, Barbie, and the woman who created her.

Updated July 20, 2023
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American Prometheus : the triumph and tragedy of J. Robert Oppenheimer
Bird, Kai.
THE INSPIRATION FOR THE ACADEMY AWARD®-WINNING MAJOR MOTION PICTURE OPPENHEIMER * "A riveting account of one of history's most essential and paradoxical figures."--Christopher Nolan #1 NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER * PULITZER PRIZE WINNER * The definitive biography of J....
Barbie developer : Ruth Handler
Slater, Lee
In this engaging biography, readers will learn about the developer of the Barbie doll, Ruth Handler. Follow the story of Handler's early work with her husband Elliott making and selling plastic products, their collaboration with Harold Matson to form Mattel, Handler's inspiration for a new kind of...
Barbie Collector's Guide
With Barbie, you can be anything! Discover all of the careers Barbie has had in this fun book with a double-sided, collectible poster! Barbie has had many different careers over the years--from a surgeon to an astronaut--proving that anything is possible for you and Barbie!...
Robert Oppenheimer : a life inside the center
Monk, Ray.
Robert Oppenheimer was among the most brilliant and divisive of men. As head of the Los Alamos Laboratory, he oversaw the successful effort to beat the Nazis in the race to develop the first atomic bomb--a breakthrough that was to have eternal ramifications for mankind and that made Oppenheimer the...
The story of Barbie and the woman who created her
Eagan, Cindy
A beautifully illustrated picture book about Barbie--the most famous doll in the world--and her visionary creator, Ruth Handler. After noticing how her daughter played with "grown-up" paper dolls, Ruth Handler wanted to create a doll that would inspire little girls to use their huge...
The general and the genius : Groves and Oppenheimer : the unlikely partnership that built the atom bomb
Kunetka, James W.
Two ambitious men. One historic mission. With a blinding flash in the New Mexico desert in the summer of 1945, the world was changed forever. The bomb that ushered in the atomic age was the product of one of history's most improbable partnerships. The General and the Genius<...
Trinity : a novel
Hall, Louisa
From the acclaimed author of Speak comes a kaleidoscopic novel about Robert Oppenheimer--father of the atomic bomb--as told by seven fictional characters J. Robert Oppenheimer was a brilliant scientist, a champion of liberal causes, and a complex and often contradictory character. He...
Barbie mermaid power
Stephens, Elle
A Little Golden Book based on the all-new Netflix special Barbie: Mermaid Power--premiering in fall 2022! This Little Golden Book is based on the all-new special Barbie: Mermaid Power, premiering in Fall 2022 on Netflix! Read about Barbie "Malibu" Roberts and...
Space princess
Man-Kong, Mary
Children ages 3 to 7 will love this full-color storybook based on the latest Barbie(tm) movie, releasing in fall 2016. Press-out paper dolls and over 50 stickers are included to add to the fun!
Atomic women : the untold stories of the scientists who helped create the nuclear bomb
Montillo, Roseanne
Bomb meets Code Girls in this nonfiction narrative about the little-known female scientists who were critical to the invention of the atomic bomb during World War II.   They were leaning over the edge of the unknown and afraid of what they would...
109 East Palace : Robert Oppenheimer and the secret city of Los Alamos
Conant, Jennet.
In 1943, Robert Oppenheimer, the brilliant, charismatic head of the Manhattan Project, recruited scientists to live as virtual prisoners of the U.S. government on a barren mesa thirty-five miles outside Santa Fe, New Mexico. Los Alamos was a secret city, a primitive barbed-wire-enclosed encampment...
Barbie cooks! : 50+ fantastic recipes from Barbie & her friends
Fačy, Bernard
Barbie teaches kids the value and fun of healthy cooking in 50 delicious recipes. In this colorful cookbook of over 50 recipes, Barbie encourages kids to make healthy choices by developing their culinary skills and kitchen creativity. Breakfast bites like Loaded Avocado Toast and...
Universe of two : a novel
Kiernan, Stephen P.
"Stephen Kiernan has pulled off the nearly impossible...The most tender, terrifying, relevant book you'll read this year." -- Jenna Blum, New York Times bestselling author of Those Who Save Us and The Lost Family From the critically acclaimed author of The...

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