New Children's Books February 2024

Updated January 12, 2024
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Kahoot! quiz time. Human body
More than 250 trivia questions for curious minds! What is the largest organ in your body? What connects the eye to the brain? What is the purpose of sweating? Find out in this quiz book, packed with questions and facts about the incredible human body. Challenge yourself, your...
I'm going to build a snowman
Awan, Jashar
In this sparkling picture book celebration of winter and creativity, a boy's snow day efforts show that perfection is relative and what's important is taking pride in what you do! When a little boy wakes up to see a blanket of snow covering the world outside, there's only one...
Two tribes
Bowen Cohen, Emily
In her poignant debut graphic novel inspired by her own life, Emily Bowen Cohen embraces the complexity, meaning, and deep love that comes from being part of two vibrant tribes. Mia is still getting used to living with her mom and stepfather, and to the new role their Jewish...
The selkie's daughter
Brennan, Linda Crotta
A cozy, richly imagined fantasy where a young selkie girl must save her family from a vengeful king. Brigit knows all the old fisherman songs and legends by heart- sea goddess, warriors, and people who are not quite human. But Brigit also knows the truth. It's evident in the...
Dear Ruby, hear our hearts
Bridges, Ruby
National civil rights activist and icon Ruby Bridges responds to letters from thoughtful and concerned young students from across America. "I've heard their hearts and now share those hearts with you. These pages truly speak to the power of children!" -- Ruby Bridges Ruby Bridges...
I am money
Cook, Julia
Encourage financial literacy in kids of all ages with this fun and engaging picture book from bestselling children's author Julia Cook and financial expert Garrett Gunderson! Who better to teach kids about money than MONEY himself? As readers follow along in this delightful, easy-to...
Coretta's journey : the life and times of Coretta Scott King
Duncan, Alice Faye
★★★★ FOUR STARRED REVIEWS! New from the award-winning author/illustrator team behind Memphis, Martin, and the Mountaintop! Who was Coretta Scott King? Her black-veiled image at the funeral of her husband, Dr. Martin ...
Why Does Plastic Hurt the Planet? : How our stuff is harming the Earth, and what you can do to reduce your use
Gifford, Clive.
A unique and beautiful approach to understanding the plastic problem with practical actions to help protect the planet. Every single minute, a dump-truck's worth of plastic is emptied into the ocean, trashing beaches, killing wildlife, making food supplies dangerous,...
Something, someday
Gorman, Amanda
The stunning new picture book by presidential inaugural poet Amanda Gorman and Caldecott Honor-winning illustrator Christian Robinson You're told that This won't work, But how will you know If you never try? Presidential...
Winter : a solstice story
Gross, Kelsey Ebben
From debut author Kelsey Gross and New York Times bestselling artist Renata Liwska comes a gentle and lulling picture book celebrating the magic of the Winter Solstice with a group of animal friends in a quiet forest. Tonight is the longest night of the year--solstice is...
A Kids Book About Failure
Hicks, Laymon.
A clear explanation of what failure is, helping to turn negative feelings from it into important life lessons. Failure is something that everyone encounters at some point in their lives, no matter how much you try to avoid it. Whether that's in school, in a friendship, or even...
Marching for the vote : Ida B. Wells and the Women's March of 1913
Johnson, Dinah
"Ida B. Wells is featured in this picture-book biography for another one of her passionate causes: women's suffrage." --Booklist "A tribute to a tireless African American journalist and crusader for social justice​." --Kirkus Reviews
The mermaid with no tail
Long, Jessica Tatiana
Paralympic champion swimmer and gold medalist Jessica Long celebrates the importance of dreaming big and the power of being different in The Mermaid with No Tail. As a baby, Jessica was adopted from a Russian orphanage. Her legs were amputated below the knee when she was 18 months old....
The unbeatable Lily Hong
Ma, Diana
A smart, funny, and heartfelt middle grade novel about Lily Hong's attempts to save her parents' Chinese school and the town's community center using all the resources she has--devoted friends, ingenuity, a passion for filmmaking, mediocre dance moves (at best), and perhaps even her...
Lizards at large : 21 remarkable reptiles at their actual size
Munro, Roxie
Legless lizards. Gliding geckos. In Roxie Munro's newest journey into the animal kingdom, twenty lizards are illustrated true-to-size, moving from terrifically tiny to cool and colossal! Some of them swim! Some of them fly! But all of these lizards are sure to leap into young...
Computer science for curious kids : an illustrated introduction to software programming, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity--and more!
Oxlade, Chris
Uses a clear mix of pictures, diagrams, and instructions that help to build knowledge, boost confidence, and gain understanding. Children will explore the history of engineering and understand why it is a fundamental, incredible, magical way to find out how everything works.
Chula the fox
Perry, Anthony
Chula, a Chickasaw boy, is suddenly thrown into the murky and treacherous worlds of warfare and adulthood after a traumatic ambush costs him his father. Left haunted by a restless spirit, Chula concludes, in line with the customs of his time, that only vengeance will make things right again. With...
Low power
Rex, Michael
In this action-packed sequel by #1 New York Times bestselling creator Michael Rex, Fred shows us how all arguments, big and small, can be solved with kindness-even when it's not always welcomed! Fred has made quite a name for himself as a peacemaker since his last...
Hornbeam all in
Rylant, Cynthia
It's three stories in one picture book as Hornbeam the moose embarks on adventures with his friends in this first installment in the series from the creative team behind the Gooseberry Park, Motor Mouse, and the Mr. Putter & Tabby books! Hornbeam is a charismatic moose who loves...
A practical present for Philippa Pheasant
Smith, Briony May
A plucky pheasant is determined to make her forest home safer for all in this charming story for budding community activists. Philippa Pheasant lives in the woods near a village, and every afternoon she crosses Old Oak Road to peck at the delicious blackberries that grow on the...
Sometimes I cry
Townes, Jess
From Jess Townes with illustrations by Daniel Miyares, this poignant picture book deftly tackles the wide array of emotions experienced in childhood, and especially reminding readers that there's nothing wrong with crying. Sometimes I cry . . . when I'm angry.<...
A royal conundrum
Yee, Lisa
NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER * When a notorious thief is out for priceless treasure (gems! cats! general decorum!)--who're you gonna call? An elite team of crime-fighting underdogs, that's who! The Misfits are on the case in this hilarious illustrated series from Newbery Honoree Lisa Yee...

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