Solar Eclipse

Texas is set to experience two solar eclipses in the coming months. First up is the annular solar eclipse on October 14, 2023, followed by a total solar eclipse on April 8, 2024. Check out these books to learn more about eclipses and our solar system.

Updated September 21, 2023
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When the sun goes dark
Fraknoi, Andrew
Help youngsters understand the excitement about the recent solar eclipse with this charming and straightforward story about how eclipses of the Sun and Moon occur. Includes easy activities using ordinary items to make models, and explores common questions kids have.   <...
The solar system : out of this world with science activities for kids
Lopez, Delano
Look up! What do you see? The sun, moon, stars, other planets? You're checking out the solar system! The Solar System: Out of This World with Science Activities for Kids invites middle school kids on a journey of a lifetime to explore the comets, meteors, asteroids, sun, planets, and moons...
Exploring eclipses
Sherman, Jill.
Explore the amazing science behind eclipses.
Sun, moon, Earth : the history of solar eclipses, from omens of doom to Einstein and exoplanets
Nordgren, Tyler E.
With beautiful illustrations and a detailed map, Sun Moon Earth has everything you need to get ready for the next solar eclipse. On April 8, 2024, millions of Americans will experience an awe-inspiring phenomenon: a total eclipse of the sun. In Sun Moon Earth,...
In the shadow of the moon : the science, magic, and mystery of solar eclipses
Aveni, Anthony F.
In anticipation of solar eclipses visible in 2017 and 2024, an exploration of the scientific and cultural significance of this mesmerizing cosmic display Since the first humans looked up and saw the sun swallowed by darkness, our species has been captivated by solar eclipses....
Eclipse : how the 1919 solar eclipse proved Einstein's theory of general relativity
Pattison, Darcy
In 1915, British astronomer Arthur Stanley Eddington was fascinated with Einstein's new theory of general relativity. The theory talks about how forces push and pull objects in space. Einstein said that the sun's gravity could pull and bend light. To test this, astronomers decided to...
Hunter, Nick.
This book looks at solar and lunar eclipses, providing background information about the Sun, the Moon and our planet. The book covers what an eclipse is, what eclipses can look like, how they happen, the effects on wildlife, what people thought of eclipses in the past, how they are studied today,...
La Luna
Roca Soto, Nuria
One evening Alice and Oliver notice the Moon has a strange appearance. Alice's mother explains that they are witnessing an eclipse and tells them other fascinating things about the Moon.
Eclipse chaser : science in the Moon's shadow
Loomis, Ilima
The August 2017 solar eclipse is the chance of a lifetime for astronomer Shadia Habbal--years of planning come down to one moment of totality.  Will everything go off as planned?   On August 21, 2017, much of America stood still and looked up as a wide swath...
Looking up! : the science of stargazing
Rao, Joe.
Become an expert on the stars in the sky with this fact-tastic nonfiction Level 3 Ready-to-Read, part of a series about the science of fun stuff! Did you know that comets are sometimes called "hairy stars?" Or that if you saw a sunset on the moon, the sun would look white because...
Solar system : a visual exploration of all the planets, moons, and other heavenly bodies that orbit our Sun
Chown, Marcus
An astonishing journey through space and time. Experience all the wonders of our interplanetary neighborhood through fascinating text, original graphics, and stunning photographs. Never before have the wonders of our solar system been so immediately accessible to...
Solar system by the numbers : a book of infographics
Jenkins, Steve
By the Numbers infographic readers, accessible nonfiction packed with full-color cut-paper illustrations from Caldecott honor-winning Steve Jenkins. Solar Systems focuses on ever-astonishing outer space. Through infographics and illustrations readers will learn...
Solar system mission
Spencer, Francis
Take a tour of the galaxies and the universe. Learn about our Sun, the eight true planets, and the dwarf planets in our solar system. Find out what lies beyond the eighth planet, Neptune.
Solar system
Hughes, David W.
Featuring incredible photography from satellites and manned spaceflights, from the International Space Station to the Hubble telescope, this book brings the night sky to life. The cosmos are an expansive and fascinating area to study. There is much that we don...
Astronomy for dummies, (+ quizzes online) 5th edition
Maran, Stephen P.
Embark on your own personal journey into the night sky. Stardate: Today! Ever catch yourself staring up at the night sky and wondering just what the heck is out there? While no one book can answer all your questions, Astronomy For Dummies will take you on a tour...
The practical astronomer
Gater, Will
Unlock the mysteries of the night sky with this comprehensive guide to astronomy. The Practical Astronomer explains and demystifies stargazing and teaches you how to observe and navigate the night sky. Learn how to set up your binoculars and telescopes and find out...
Astronomical mindfulness : your cosmic guide to reconnecting with the sun, moon, stars, and planets
De Pree, Christopher Gordon
Using the power of the sun, moon, stars, and planets, this unique, illustrated guide is filled with engaging exercises that deepen your knowledge of the solar system, help you take necessary pauses every day, and foster a renewed sense of presence in the universe. ...
How space works
Beall, Abigail
Embark on an awe-inspiring and informative journey through our Solar System and beyond in this illuminating astronomy book!  Discover how big the Universe is, why our view of the sky is constantly changing, what came before the Big Bang, and so much more in 3... 2... 1.......

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