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Updated September 27, 2023
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Orphaned believers : how a generation of Christian exiles can find the way home
Billups, Sara
In the wake of the culture wars OF the 1980s and 1990s, many young evangelical Christians found themselves untethered, disillusioned, and-ultimately-orphaned as they grappled with the legalistic, politically co-opted churches of their youth. Perhaps you are one OF them. Perhaps, like Sara Billups,...
The love stories of the Bible speak : 13 biblical lessons on romance, friendship, and faith
Bream, Shannon
Instant New York Times Bestseller! The Bible is full of "love" stories. But the Biblical idea of love is so much bigger than we imagine.  Love is at the heart of the Bible. From the moment Adam declared Eve "flesh of my flesh" the sacrificial love of Joseph for
Faith still moves mountains : miraculous stories of the healing power of prayer
Faulkner, Harris
INSTANT #1 NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER! From FOX News anchor and author Harris Faulkner comes a collection of powerful, true-life stories of resilience, healing, rescue, and protection. We need reminders of God's power now more than ever. We often think about...
Disruptive thinking : a daring strategy to change how we live, lead, and love
Jakes, T. D.
*A NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER!* Think differently and find the courage to challenge the status quo with this mindset-shifting guide to meaningful change. For most of our lives, we are encouraged to trudge along the well-worn paths of those who have come...
He gets us : experiencing the confounding love, forgiveness, and relevance of Jesus : with selections from the writings of Max Lucado
Lucado, Max
Jesus understands our lives because he was human too. He faced the same hardships and personal struggles that we encounter on a daily basis. He felt our deepest sadness and experienced our darkest solitude. Above all, Jesus gets us. In Jesus' time, communities were deeply divided by bitter...
Help is here : finding fresh strength and purpose in the power of the Holy Spirit
Lucado, Max
Bills pile up. Savings accounts go down. Marriages go south. Pandemics rage. Work goes off the rails. Stress goes off the charts. Suddenly, you feel powerless to calm life's chaos. It's all too much to take on by yourself. But pastor and...
Wake up with purpose! : what I've learned in my first hundred years
Schmidt, Jean Dolores
Known to millions as simply "Sister Jean," the Loyola Chicago matriarch and college basketball icon invites you into her remarkable memoir filled with history, wonder, and common-sense wisdom for this century and beyond. As Sister Jean...
He loved them : discovering Jesus' heart for seekers, sinners, doubters, and the discouraged (and other people like us)
Thompson, Jessica
Downcast, Dejected--even the Dead--find themselves in the wake of Jesus' love. Just who exactly did Jesus love? Author Jessica Thompson intimately engages the gospel narratives and helps the reader explore who and how Jesus loves. What does Jesus have to say to the...
Worried about everything because I pray about nothing : how to live with peace and purpose instead of stress and burnout
Veach, Chad
Say Good-bye to Stress and Burnout, and Hello to Peace and PurposeWhat comes to mind when you think about prayer? Does it feel like something for holy people but not for you? Or like a mystical experience you could never hope to achieve in real life? Or maybe just a boring duty with little...
Good and beautiful and kind : becoming whole in a fractured world
Villodas, Rich
ECPA BESTSELLER . An invitation to love like Jesus and step beyond distraction and division into the joy we long to experience-from the author of The Deeply Formed Life, winner of the Christianity Today Book Award "A stunning book with power to reshape our world...
Sis, take a breath : encouragement for the woman who's trying to live and love well (but secretly just wants to take a nap)
Watson, Kirsten
Is life so busy and chaotic lately that you've had trouble finding a moment to simply catch your breath? The good news is Kirsten Watson knows what you're going through, and she's got your back.As a mom of seven kids, wife of a professional athlete and cohost of a popular podcast, Kirsten is...

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