Financial Literacy Reads for Children & Youth

Celebrating Financial Literacy Month, check out these recommendations for great books to teach kids and teens about money matters.

Updated November 1, 2023
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Get to know money : a fun visual guide to how money works and how to manage it
Fitzpatrick, Kalpana
A fun, visual guide for kids about the tricky topic of money: how it works and how to look after it Knowing the ins and outs of money is important for kids, whether they're trying to work out what to do with pocket money, or if they dream of making millions on the stock market....
Managing money
Blohm, Craig E.
Most teens admit they know nothing about managing money. Money management is not a mystery, but it does take motivation and the cultivation of good habits. Managing Your Money provides solid information and guidance. Real-world examples, relevant facts, and fully documented quotes from teens and...
Living on your own
Currie-McGhee, L. K.
Moving into one's own place is a major step to independence. Preparation such as budgeting and saving is key to a successful transition. Real-world examples, relevant facts, and fully documented quotes from teens and experts bring concepts to life.
Money for beginners
Reynolds, Eddie
Save it! : a moneybunny book
McLeod, Cinders
A charming introduction to simple money concepts in which a little bunny learns about the power and satisfaction that come with saving money. Honey earns two carrots a week for taking care of her siblings. Her FIVE siblings who are so loud and bouncy, she wishes she had a place...
Follow your money : who gets it, who spends it, where does it go?
Sylvester, Kevin.
What happens to your money after you hand it to the cashier? You pay for that cool pair of shoes or a new CD. But what happens to that money once it leaves your hands? Who actually pockets it or puts it into the bank? This lively, kid-friendly book answers these questions and more: * Why are...
Just saving my money
Mayer, Mercer
Join Mercer Mayer's classic and beloved character, Little Critter® as he learns about it what it means to save money. Little Critter works hard for his money! When Little Critter wants a new skateboard, Dad tells him that he needs to save his own money to buy it! He tries his very...
Millionaires for the month
McAnulty, Stacy
How would you spend five million dollars in 30 days? A billionaire's wallet, a bizarre challenge, and an unlikely friendship send two kids on a wild adventure. From the author of The Miscalculations of Lightning Girl. Felix Rannells and Benji Porter were never...

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