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Updated July 4, 2024
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Bunny Should Be Sleeping
Amy Hest
Paper Book
Bunny can't sleep because Dad forgot to check on him, so he sets out to check on Dad. Bunny should be sleeping, but instead, he is waiting for Dad to come check on him. Dad always checks on him, but tonight, Dad is late. Soon Dad will come. He will come in the...
No Cats in the Library
Lauren Emmons
Paper Book
A stray cat follows her love of books all the way to a new library home in this charming debut picture book that's "catnip for librarians and young book lovers alike" (School Library Journal, starred review). Clarisse is a clever cat who loves books. She may not...
The Wrong Book
Drew Daywalt
Paper Book
What if the narrator of the book you're reading is just...WRONG?! This hilarious book from the author of The Day the Crayons Quit will have you correcting what you're reading--and laughing! Do bicycles say cock-a-doodle-doo? Do firefighters shout Ding Dong!<...
Lucky Duck
Greg Pizzoli
Paper Book
From Geisel Award-winning author Greg Pizzoli comes a hilarious picture book about a duck who learns just how lucky she is. Susan the duck has the worst luck. Her rollerskates are two sizes too big. She's lost her favorite marble. And she's run out of pickles. But with each...
The Red Fruit
Lee Gee Eun
Paper Book
Baby Bear is off exploring on his own. Tok! Now what's this that just hit his head? Mmmm...it's a delicious red fruit. He must get more. Up, up, up, to the top of the forest. ...
Flubby Does Not Like Valentine's Day
J. E. Morris
Paper Book
Flubby, the cute but aloof cat, is not a fan of Valentine's Day! Kami wants to give Flubby a gift for Valentine's Day. But cats can't read cards, and flowers make Flubby sneeze! Can Kami find the perfect present for her pal? The charming illustrations, simple text,...
Are You Big?
Mo Willems
Paper Book
Mo Willems, #1 New York Times bestselling, award-winning author-illustrator, tackles a BIG concept in this hilarious nonfiction picture book about the relationship between size and scale.     Are YOU big?   A simple...
Thank a Farmer
Maria Gianferrari
Paper Book
Infused with jubilance and warmth, this luminous, lyrical picture book celebrates the people and the work that put food on our tables. Bread, milk, wool, fruits, and vegetables: things that fill our day to day lives. But where, and who, do they come from? Across wheat fields and city...
Time to Make Art
Jeff Mack
Paper Book
Does art have to be perfect? Where do you begin? This inspiring picture book about making art doubles as an introduction to the multifaceted and diverse global history of art empowering readers to get creative. Awed by the endless possibilities, a young girl begins asking...
Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Sleigh!
Mo Willems
Paper Book
From #1 New York Times bestselling, award-winning author and illustrator Mo Willems comes a new holiday classic. It's the most wonderful time of the year--for driving a sleigh! 'Tis also the season--for driving a sleigh! Oh, and joy to the--driving a sleigh!...
Gabi Snyder
Paper Book
This welcoming and joyful picture book reminds us that every moment can hold many surprises and to look for the wonder in every day. Today may seem long before leaving for a summer vacation or short during the time away. The moments that make up the day are filled with surprises,...
Pepper and Me
Beatrice Alemagna
Paper Book
"How could you not immediately adore and trust this voice?"            --Bruce Handy, The New York Times Book Review "Pepper & Me is a simple story, but is also a secret door to what days and weeks feel like when you are small. Beatrice Alemagna...
Dr. Seuss's How the Grinch Lost Christmas! (Classic Seuss)
Alastair Heim
Paper Book
#1 NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER * The Grinch is BACK and ready to prove to the residents of Who-ville that he's changed. This heartwarming sequel is written and illustrated in the style of Dr. Seuss's beloved holiday classic How the Grinch Stole Christmas! ...
The Big Cheese (The Food Group)
Jory John
Paper Book
Don't miss the seventh picture book in the #1 New York Times bestselling Food Group series from Jory John and Pete Oswald! The Big Cheese is the best at everything, and brags about it, too. When the annual Cheese-cathlon comes around, the Big Cheese is prepared to...
It's Fall!
Renée Kurilla
Paper Book
An homage to the joys of the season--from jumping into piles of leaves, to trick-or-treating, to baking tasty meals--written in sweet and simple verse by a #1 New York Times bestselling artist. Colors bursting, shadows tall. There's lots to...
If I Was a Horse
Sophie Blackall
Paper Book
INSTANT NATIONAL BESTSELLER!​   ★ "Charming and whimsical visual surprises are found throughout the impeccably designed pages...An exquisite equine fantasy, this encourages imaginations to giddyup and run wild and free."--Booklist, starred review ...
Lullaby for the King
Nikki Grimes
Paper Book
An awe-inspiring Christmas tale from multi-award-winning poet Nikki Grimes. The caravan traveled through wilderness, uphill and down, for hours that spun into days. Then at last, glittering diamond-bright, Bethlehem appeared through the haze. With...
There’s No Such Thing as Vegetables
Kyle Lukoff
Paper Book
A hilarious new picture book that exposes vegetables for what they truly are--leaves, roots, flowers, and stalks--by National Book Award Finalist and Newbery Honor winner Kyle Lukoff, perfect for fans of the Our Universe series. Chester plans to have a salad for lunch, but in...
Don't Blow Your Top!
Ame Dyckman
Paper Book
Everybody gets angry sometimes, even a little volcano. But with some rock-steady advice, Little Volcano finds a way to process their steamy emotions. Spend a day in paradise with Little Volcano and Big Volcano. Everything is beautiful and calm until an out-of-control bird drops a coconut...
The Book That Can Read Your Mind
Marianna Coppo
Paper Book
Prepare to be amazed by this magic trick in a book! This is not an ordinary book--it's a magical one! Lady Rabbit goes beyond pulling a rabbit out of a hat or making herself disappear. For her next act, she will READ YOUR MIND! That's right: You pick a...
Autumn Peltier, Water Warrior
Carole Lindstrom
Paper Book
From New York Times bestselling author Carole Lindstrom and illustrator Bridget George comes a must-read companion to the powerful, award-winning picture book We Are Water Protectors. Telling the story of reall-ife water protectors, Autumn Peltier, Water Warrior celebrates...
Coretta: The Autobiography of Mrs. Coretta Scott King
Coretta Scott King
Paper Book
Celebrate the life of the extraordinary civil and human rights activist Coretta Scott King with this picture book adaptation of her critically acclaimed adult memoir. This is the autobiography of Coretta Scott King--wife of Martin Luther King, Jr.; founder of the Martin Luther...
Noodle Conquers Comfy Mountain
Jonathan Graziano
Paper Book
Noodle the pug embarks on a quest to climb comfy mountain in this sweet and entertaining sequel to the #1 New York Times bestselling picture book Noodle and the No Bones Day by the creator of the viral "Bones or No Bones" TikTok videos! Noodle the pug loves his cozy...
Stickler Loves the World
Lane Smith
Paper Book
From award-winning author/illustrator Lane Smith comes Stickler, a woodland creature who reminds us to appreciate the everyday wonders we often ignore. In a picture book that's both silly and sweet, readers will find Stickler's enthusiasm irresistible and see the world anew. A...
Aloha Everything
Kaylin Melia George
Paper Book
★ "A stunning tribute to Hawaiian culture and identity."-starred review, Kirkus,★ "A breathtaking picture book."-starred review, Foreword Magazine...
Slowly Slowly
Toni Yuly
Paper Book
A persimmon branch takes its time creating a wonderful gift for the community around it in this charming picture book celebrating the beauty that can be found in slowing down. When you slow down... you see more. You see the day waking up, ...
First Night of Howlergarten
Benson Shum
Paper Book
First-day-of-school jitters take on a whole new meaning at howlergarten, where future werewolves prepare for their big transformation! Most kids go to kindergarten, but there is a special place for those who turn into werewolves. Instead of attending school during the day, these...
The Wishing Machine
Jonathan Hillman
Paper Book
Oge Mora's Saturday meets Carmela Full of Wishes in this touching and whimsical picture book about a mother and child's last trip to their local laundromat before moving away. Every Sunday after cereal, Sam and Mom walk to the laundromat, wash their clothes, and see...
How to Decorate a Christmas Tree
Vikki Vansickle
Paper Book
A little girl shares the steps for the perfect tree trimming - a holiday picture book for fans of Pick a Pine Tree and The Little Christmas Tree. In this charming Christmas tale, readers will follow along with the main character as she shares all the things that go...
The Walk (A Stroll to the Poll) (Abrams Books for Young Readers)
Winsome Bingham
Paper Book
From award-winning creators Winsome Bingham and E.B. Lewis, The Walk (A Stroll to the Poll) is a powerful, full-color picture book story celebrating a journey crucial to our democracy: the walk to vote--a perfect read aloud. My granny is taking me on THE WALK....
The Light Inside
Dan Misdea
Paper Book
How far would you go to find your very best toy if it went missing? Join a timid jack-o'-lantern on an adventure through an eerie forest in this sweet and quirky wordless picture book! Nighttime can be scary, especially when you don't know what might be lurking in the dark. So...
Just One Flake
Travis Jonker
Paper Book
"A satisfying snow day saga." --Kirkus A Good Housekeeping Best Book Just One Flake is a hilarious celebration of wintertime, curiosity, and outdoor play in this author-illustrated picture book debut from acclaimed creator and elementary school...
A Stone Is a Story
Leslie Barnard Booth
Paper Book
A National Science Teaching Association Outstanding Science Trade Book Follow a stone's journey through time as it faces ice, water, wind, and scorching heat in this beautiful nonfiction picture book that is Seeds Move! meets A Stone Sat Still. ...
Escargot and the Search for Spring
Dashka Slater
Paper Book
A cute French snail sets off on a springtime adventure with an adorable bunny in this laugh-out-loud fourth picture book in the bestselling Escargot series--the perfect gift for Easter or all year round. Bonjour! After a long winter spent indoors, Escargot can't wait to...
When I Wrap My Hair
Shauntay Grant
Paper Book
In the vein of I Am Enough and Hold Them Close, this inspiring and beautiful picture book celebrates how hair wrapping ties together past and present. When I wrap, my roots run deep. As deep as an African marketplace or a city sidewalk or the...
Dasher Can't Wait for Christmas
Matt Tavares
Paper Book
Matt Tavares's sequel to the New York Times best-selling Dasher is a joyful ode to helping others--and another holiday classic in the making. "If you ever get lost, just look for the North Star." With only one sleep left before Christmas Eve,...
My Thoughts Have Wings
Maggie Smith
Paper Book
Maggie Smith, bestselling author of the viral poem "Good Bones" and the memoir You Could Make This Place Beautiful, delivers a lyrical and reassuring picture book perfect for calming active minds at bedtime (or anytime). At bedtime, when lights go out...sometimes thoughts...
There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Worm!
Lucille Colandro
Paper Book
Celebrate Earth Day with a twist on the classic song from the bestselling There Was an Old Lady series for kids! You'll never guess what she'll swallow next! There was an old lady who swallowed a worm. I don't know why she swallowed the worm, but she...
The Great Zombie Pumpkin Parade!
Robert Burleigh
Paper Book
A lively, rhythmic Halloween read aloud that follows a group of zombie pumpkins as they celebrate the season. It's Halloween and the Zombie Pumpkin Parade is drawing near. Join Zipper-Toothed Zlumpkin, Drizzle-Mouthed Dumpkin, and the rest of their ghostly crew as...
A Very Cranky Book
Angela DiTerlizzi
Paper Book
The first picture book collaboration from bestselling husband-and-wife team Tony and Angela DiTerlizzi is the charmingly irreverent tale of a very cranky book . . . who might not be so cranky after all. Are you ready to meet the world's crankiest book Cranky doesn't...
I Will Read to You
Gideon Sterer
Paper Book
A gentle blend of spooky and sweet, I Will Read to You is a unique rhyming bedtime tale about empathy, storytime...and monsters. Once upon a time, there was a boy who loved stories--scary ones about skeletons and witches, giants and ghosts, vampires, dragons,...
The First Day of May
Henrique Coser Moreira
Paper Book
Here is a book to celebrate firsts. That first magical day of spring, when it seems the whole world is bursting with life. That first time bursting out of your house after being cooped up for SO long. Your first time on the swingset. Your first time seeing a butterfly. Your first time exploring...
Catside Up, Catside Down: A Book of Prepositions
Anna Hrachovec
Paper Book
Filled with whimsical knitted cats, Anna Hrachovec's debut picture book Catside Up, Catside Down blends the silliness of cats with an early introduction to prepositions. Catside up, catside down. Cat on a...
Partly Cloudy
Deborah Freedman
Paper Book
What do you see when you look at clouds? Two curious bunnies enjoy watching clouds go by. But when they look at the sky, they each see something completely different! While one bunny likes to use his imagination and sees cotton candy or whipped cream, the other bunny can only see...
The Only Way to Make Bread
Cristina Quintero
Paper Book
A delicious exploration of all kinds of breads, from sourdough to bannock to bao, that will tickle your taste buds and warm your heart. What's the only way to make bread? You might use white flour in your bread, or whole wheat flour or corn flour. You...
Okra Stew: A Gullah Geechee Family Celebration
Natalie Daise
Paper Book
This rhythmic, joyous picture book from Natalie Daise, the co-star of the hit Nickelodeon show "Gullah Gullah Island," celebrates a special day of father-son cooking, and serves up a love letter to food, family, Gullah Geechee culture, and tradition--and includes the author's own recipe...
Oh, Olive!
Lian Cho
Paper Book
"Irrepressible. Joyful. Vibrant and full of oomph!" --Andrea Beaty, #1 New York Times bestselling author of Rosie Revere, Engineer "A stunning, energetic story full of clever humor, heart, and a reminder that art has no boundaries." --Ruth Chan, author...

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