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Updated June 17, 2024
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1974 A Personal History.
Prose, Francine. 
Paper Book
"In this remarkable memoir, the qualities that have long distinguished Francine Prose's fiction and criticism--uncompromising intelligence, a gratifying aversion to sentiment, the citrus bite of irony--give rigor and, finally, an unexpected poignancy to an emotional, artistic, and political...
The Friday Afternoon Club A Family Memoir.
Dunne, Griffin 
Paper Book
The instant New York Times bestseller!  "Warm and perceptive." --New York Times "Griffin Dunne knows how to tell a story." --Washington Post "Dunne is a prospector for the incandescent detail."  --Los Angeles Times ...
Getting to Know Death A Meditation.
Godwin, Gail. 
Paper Book
"Getting to Know Death could just as easily be called Getting to Know Life. As a meditation, it is both unsentimental and full of wonder. As a piece of writing, it stands beside the best of Godwin's fiction. Extraordinary." -Ann Patchett From New York Times...
Pets and the City True Tales of a Manhattan House Call Veterinarian.
Attas, Amy. 
Paper Book
New York City's premier "house call veterinarian" takes you into the exclusive penthouses and four-star hotel rooms of the wealthiest New Yorkers and shows that, when it comes to their pets, they are just as neurotic as any of us. When a pet is sick, people--even the rich and...
Traveling On the Path of Joni Mitchell.
Powers, Ann 
Paper Book
*An Observer Best New Biographies of 2024* Celebrated NPR music critic Ann Powers explores the life and career of Joni Mitchell in a lyrical style as fascinating and ethereal as the songs of the artist herself. "What you are about to read is not a standard account of the life and...
Impossible City Paris in the Twenty-First Century.
Kuper, Simon. 
Paper Book
An entertaining and openhearted tale of a naïf eventually getting to understand a complex, glittering, beautiful and often cruel society - at least a little. When Simon Kuper left London for Paris in his early thirties, he wasn't planning to make a permanent...
When the Sea Came Alive An Oral History of D-Day.
Graff, Garrett M. 
Paper Book
NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER * "Absolutely gripping." --Ron Charles, The Washington Post * "A masterpiece of oral history...stirring, surprising, grim, joyous, moving, and always riveting." --Evan Thomas * "Gripping and propulsive...Readers will be spellbound." --Publishers Weekly<...
Adventures in Volcanoland What Volcanoes Tell Us About the World and Ourselves.
Mather, Tamsin. 
Paper Book
A mix of memoir, travel and popular science, charting journeys across deserts, through jungles and up ice caps, to some of the most important volcanoes around the world In this captivating book from one of the most influential geochemists in the field, Tamsin Mather takes us...
Becoming Earth How Our Planet Came to Life.
Jabr, Ferris. 
Paper Book
A vivid account of a major shift in how we understand Earth, from an exceptionally talented new voice. Earth is not simply an inanimate planet on which life evolved, but rather a planet that came to life. One of humanity's oldest beliefs is that our world is alive. Though once...
The Catalyst RNA and the Quest to Unlock Life's Deepest Secrets.
Cech, Tom. 
Paper Book
Over the last half century, a quiet revolution has taken place. In a series of breathtaking discoveries, biochemist Thomas Cech and a diverse cast of brilliant scientists have revealed RNA at the center of biology's greatest mysteries, from how life began to what makes us human to why we age. At...
The Garden Against Time In Search of a Common Paradise.
Laing, Olivia. 
Paper Book
In 2020, Olivia Laing began to restore an eighteenth-century walled garden in Suffolk, an overgrown Eden of unusual plants. The work brought to light a crucial question for our age: Who gets to live in paradise, and how can we share it while there's still time? Moving between real and imagined...
Sing Like Fish How Sound Rules Life Under Water.
Kingdon, Amorina. 
Paper Book
A captivating exploration of how underwater animals tap into sound to survive, and a clarion call for humans to address the ways we invade these critical soundscapes--from an award-winning science writer "Sing Like Fish is that rare book that makes you see the world...
Superconvergence How the Genetics, Biotech, and AI Revolutions Will Transform our Lives, Work, and World.
Metzl, Jamie. 
"Superconvergence is brilliant. I can't recommend it more strongly."―Sanjay Gupta MD, bestselling author, neurosurgeon, and Emmy-award winning chief medical correspondent (CNN) In Superconvergence, leading futurist and OneShared.World...
Better Faster Farther How Running Changed Everything We Know About Women.
Mertens, Maggie. 
Paper Book
"From foot-binding to corsets, patriarchal societies have found ways to immobilize women, but now, marathoners and Olympians are proving that women can run like the wind!" --GLORIA STEINEM "A look behind the curtain that all women who love running and sport should...
Code-Dependent Living in the Shadow of AI.
Murgia, Madhumita 
Paper Book
Shortlisted for the Women's Prize for Non-Fiction A riveting story of what it means to be human in a world changed by artificial intelligence, revealing the perils and inequities of our growing reliance on automated decision-making On the surface, a British...
The Language Puzzle Piecing Together the Six-Million-Year Story of How Words Evolved.
Mithen, Steven. 
Paper Book
A top scholar reveals the most complete picture to date of how early human speech led to the languages we use today   The emergence of language began with the apelike calls of our earliest ancestors. Today, the world is home to thousands of complex...
Cue the Sun! The Invention of Reality TV.
Nussbaum, Emily. 
Paper Book
The rollicking saga of reality television, a "sweeping" (The Washington Post) cultural history of America's most influential, most divisive artistic phenomenon, from the Pulitzer Prize-winning New Yorker writer--"a must-read for anyone interested in television or popular culture"...
Hip-Hop Is History.
Paper Book
This is a book only Questlove could have written: a perceptive and personal reflection on the first half-century of hip-hop. When hip-hop first emerged in the 1970s, it wasn't expected to become the cultural force it is today. But for a young Black kid growing up in a musical...
The Art and Science of Connection Why Social Health Is the Missing Key to Living Longer, Healthier, and Happier.
Killam, Kasley 
Paper Book
A groundbreaking redefinition of what it means to be healthy that introduces the need for social health--the part of wellbeing that comes from feeling connected--to truly flourish. Exercise. Eat a balanced diet. Go to therapy. Most wellness advice is focused on achieving and maintaining...
The Laws of Connection The Scientific Secrets of Building a Strong Social Network.
Robson, David. 
Paper Book
This groundbreaking study reveals how social connections are far more important than we thought, showing us the steps we can take to build better relationships and improve our lives. Social connection is as essential for our health and happiness as a balanced diet and regular...
What's Next Is Now How to Live Future Ready.
Pferdt, Frederik. 
A 2024 "NEXT BIG IDEA CLUB" MUST-READ The renowned global thought leader and Google's first Chief Innovation Evangelist introduces a forward-thinking mindstate that will help you navigate ambiguity and uncertainty with intention, transform problems and challenges into...
Dark Wire The Incredible True Story of the Largest Sting Operation Ever.
Cox, Joseph. 
Paper Book
The inside story of the largest law-enforcement sting operation ever, in which the FBI made its own tech start-up to wiretap the world, shows how cunning both the authorities and drug traffickers have become, with privacy implications for everyone. In 2018, a...

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