Truck Books

Know someone who loves construction, big rigs, bulldozers, and other things that go? Here are some picture books just for them.

Updated January 26, 2023
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Shape up, construction trucks!
Allenby, Victoria
Dump Truck, Dump Truck Coming through! I spy a triangle--how about you? It's no secret that toddlers of any gender love big vehicles. Shape Up, Construction Trucks! uses rhyming verse and bright photographs to celebrate this enthusiasm in a unique take on conceptual shape...
Fire truck vs. dragon
Barton, Chris
Can a Fire Truck and a Dragon be friends? Find out in this new companion to the household favorite Shark vs. Train! It's the wackiest rivalry ever, when the fire-breathing ruler of the skies and the fearless fire truck go head to head in an epic battle of...
Stanley's fire engine
Bee, William
It's another busy day for Stanley and friends on the fire engine! Stanley keeps his fire engine in tip-top condition. It has a tall ladder, a big water tank, and a long hose. When Charlie's barbecue gets out of control, Stanley jumps to the rescue. CLANG! CLANG! CLANG! Out of the...
Truck full of ducks
Burach, Ross
Titanic new talent Ross Burach breathes fresh life into tried and true topics -- trucks and ducks! -- in this laugh-out-loud comedy of errors!"Children will delight in the extreme silliness of this story and will repeatedly pore over the detailed, colorful, and quirky illustrations." --School...
The wheels on the dump truck
Burton, Jeffrey
From the author of the beloved Itsy Bitsy board book series comes a construction site adventure all about construction vehicles. An action-packed yet adorable story, The Wheels on the Dump Truck is the third book in a new series that is perfect for parents and little ones...
Whose big rig?
Buzzeo, Toni
Learn about six different construction vehicles in Whose Big Rig?, a guessing-game board book. This nonfiction follow-up to Whose Truck? features six kinds of specialized rigs used to construct a light-rail system--a tunnel borer, an excavator, a...
Flash, the little fire engine
Calvert, Pam
It's Flash's first day on the job as a little fire engine--and it's going to be a busy one! But Flash is ready to jump into action and save the day. The only problem is, every time Flash tries to pitch in, he is either too little or too late to help out. What if no one needs him? When a fire...
Little Excavator
Dewdney, Anna
From New York Timesbestselling author-illustrator of the Llama Llama books comes a new character ready to dig his way into your heart! Here come the BIG RIGS rolling down the street. Thumpa-thumpa bumpa-bumpa BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! ...
Little Grump Truck
Driscoll, Amanda
Go! Go! Go! Stop! meets Grumpy Monkey in this adorable story of a moody dump truck and her mindful tools for battling a bad mood. When Little Dump Truck is happy, the whole construction crew knows it. When she isn't happy, she becomes LittleGRUMPTruck. She can't...
Trucks on trucks
Fairbank, Sorche
What's better than a truck A truck on top of another truck! Trucks on Trucks hits the highways and the byways while exploring basic concepts such as size, shape, color, numbers, and professions. A wonderful choice for children who love vehicles vehicles and books such as Donald...
Big rig rescue!
Gall, Chris
Chris Gall gives truck books a fresh set of wheels in a bright story of wreckers, tools, towing, and teamwork. When a semi-truck crashes in the snow, Big Orange is ready. With a crane, chains, a webbing strap, outriggers, and a winch, Orange will get the semi back on its wheels--and...
Go, girls, go!
Gilbert, Frances
Come along for a rollicking ride in this picture book celebration of vehicles that puts girls in the driver's seat! Girls can race...and girls can fly. Girls can rocket way up high! Piloting fire trucks, trains, tractors, and more, the girls in this book are...
Spot's fire engine
Hill, Eric
Spot is visiting his Grandpa at the fire station in this delightful fire-engine-shaped board book! Spot is visiting his Grandpa at the fire station, and he's very excited! Join Spot on his adventure by reading the story, and then play with the fire-engine shaped book.
Hooray for Trucks!
Hughes, Susan/ Ogawa, Suharu (ILT)
A joyful celebration of trucks and teamwork It's time for the hardworking trucks at the construction site to get cleaned up! But when the narrator tries to round up the muddy machines, they dig in their wheels and refuse to be led away. They don't want to waste time being soaked and...
Jonny Lambert's construction site
Lambert, Jonathan
A beautifully illustrated book for babies featuring lots of noisy diggers working together on a very busy building site. Turn the pages and lift the flaps to watch the big-wheeled digger shovel and scoop up the rubble with its big metal bucket, see how the long-armed crane...
Cars and trucks
McDonald, Jill
Learn from home and explore the world with these fun and easy board books! Fans of cars and trucks will love this vehicle-filled book in the hit Hello, World! board book series. Toddlers can learn all about all kinds of exciting machines, with easy-to-understand facts and bright...
I'm tough!
McMullan, Kate
From the popular creators of I Stink! and I'm Dirty! comes the perfect tough addition to their noisy series: a pick-up truck! I'm not the BIGGEST TRUCK in the parking lot . . . but when my cargo bed's PACKED and STACKED I've got what it takes to HAUL it ALL! You can...
Hush, little trucker
Norman, Kim
Soothe truck-loving toddlers off to sleep with Hush, Little Trucker, a vehicle-themed bedtime board book. Hush, little trucker, you're in luck. Mama's gonna find your lost toy truck. A new spin on the...
Mucky truck
Paquette, Ammi-Joan
One big puddle/ One small truck/ Sticky tacky mud means--/ The wheels are STUCK!When a little truck gets stuck in the mud, his other truck friends--crane, digger, and forklift--come to his aid. At the end of the day, it's fire engine to the rescue! And the five friends celebrate by playing together...
The cars and trucks book
Parr, Todd
From bestselling and beloved author Todd Parr, a new book about all of the different ways that cars and trucks help people and have fun. Some trucks help on the farm. Some trucks help in the city. Some cars like to drive in the snow....
Big Truck Day
Parry, Rosanne.
Get ready for Big Truck Day! Celebrate trucks, reading, sharing, and community with award-winning and New York Times-bestselling author Rosanne Parry and debut illustrator Niki Stage. Big Truck Day is a wonderful choice for readers who love vehicles of all kinds and for fans of...
Puppy truck
Pinkney, J. Brian
A School Library Journal Best Picture Book of 2019! Find out what happens when a boy who wants a puppy gets a truck instead in this simple and sweet picture book from Caldecott Honor winner Brian Pinkney. Vroom...beep...bark! Carter...
The old truck
Pumphrey, Jarrett
When is an old truck something more? On a small, bustling farm, a resilient and steadfast pickup works tirelessly alongside the family that lives there, and becomes a part of the dreams and ambitions of the family's young daughter. After long days and years of hard work leave the old truck...
Farming strong, all year long
Rinker, Sherri Duskey
There's work to do! No time to waste! All year the farm's a busy place! Six hardworking trucks - with help from brand-new farm vehicles - have work to do in each of the seasons: planting in spring, building a barn in the summer, harvesting in fall, and finally tucking the animals in for a cosy...
Red truck, yellow truck
Robinson, Michelle
Tractors, diggers, mixers, bulldozers, and more star in this colorful salute to vehicles that roll, lift, climb, squash, and keep going when the going gets tough. Red truck, yellow truck and their dog drivers are on their way to the construction site. But as they drive through...
Little Blue Truck Makes a Friend
Schertle, Alice/ McElmurry, Jill (ILT)
Welcome a new friend to the farm with the #1 New York Times bestselling Little Blue Truck! Beep! Beep! Have you heard the news There is someone new on the farm! All the animals are nervous and excited about meeting a new friend--what will he be like Does he neigh like...
Two tough trucks get lost!
Schwartz, Corey Rosen
Join these two tough trucks on their second picture book adventure!Two tough trucks -- the fastest of friends -- love racing and chasing and zipping 'round bends. But when they chase and zip without paying attention... Mack and Rig get separated! Will they find their way back to each other, and to...
Little pups in big trucks
Shea, Bob
Introducing an irresistible new board book series filled with cute pups, big construction trucks, and laugh-out-loud humor! It's the first day of puppy school and Dig Doug, Puddles, and Cheddar can't wait to start digging, building, and loading in their trucks. But when their...
Tow Truck Joe makes a splash
Sobel, June
Brimming with catchy rhymes, bright colors, and summer fun, this sequel to Tow Truck Joe will delight fans of the original and new readers alike! A delightful rhyming picture book from the author of The Goodnight Train. One for all! All for one! We can fix it!...
The runaway no-wheeler
Stein, Peter
Trucks! Counting! Tire-eating aliens! This wonderful, rhyming, super-silly book has it ALL...including Bob Staake's awesome artwork. THE RUNAWAY NO-WHEELER is a clever spin on a counting book and the perennial favorite, a book starring trucks. Tony is a sturdy, long-hauling 18...
Big truck, little island
Van Dusen, Chris
That big truck is stuck! How will the island residents get where they're going? A tale of community and ingenuity from the celebrated Chris Van Dusen, inspired by a true story. When a big truck and its big load get stuck on a narrow road, traffic on the little island comes to a...
Does a bulldozer have a butt?
Wilder, Derick
Does a scarecrow have a butt? Yep, you stuff him with a straw one. And does a crayon have a butt? Nope, but it can surely draw one. This silly, funny, clever book will be the most quoted text in all of elementary school.
Bulldozer friends
Zimmerman, Andrea Griffing
At school, Oliver loves to play trucks with his best friend, Annie. They use their favorite bulldozer to dig tunnels, carve moats around the castle, and build bridges--just like a real construction crew. This action-packed story is perfect for children who love imaginative adventures--as they get to...

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