Graphic Novels I'm Excited About

These graphic novels for kids have not been published yet, but I can't wait to read them!

Updated February 9, 2023
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The Moth Keeper
K. O'Neill
Being a Moth Keeper is a huge responsibility and a great honor, but what happens when the new Moth Keeper decides to take a break from the moon and see the sun for the first time? From the author of the beloved Tea Dragon Society comes a must-read for fans of the rich fantasies of Hayao...
Bea Wolf
Zach Weinersmith
A modern middle-grade graphic novel retelling of Beowulf, featuring a gang of troublemaking kids who must defend their tree house from a fun-hating adult who can instantly turn children into grown-ups. Listen! Hear a tale of mallow-munchers and warriors who answer candy...
Lloyd, Megan Wagner
From the Eisner-nominated duo behind the instant bestseller Allergic comes a fun new graphic novel about finding your own space... especially when you're in a family of nine! Eleven-year-old Avery Lee loves living in Hickory Valley, Maryland. She loves her neighborhood,...
The Snowcat Prince
Dina Norlund
Syv is a snowcat and the youngest in a family of princes. When his father dies, Syv and his brothers are all in line for the throne. Eager to become kings themselves and wary of how well-liked Syv has become by the citizens, Syv's brothers send him on a dangerous...
Twenty thousand fleas under the sea
Pilkey, Dav
DOG MAN IS BACK! The highly anticipated new graphic novel in the #1 worldwide bestselling series starring everyone's favorite canine superhero by award-winning author and illustrator Dav Pilkey! Piggy has returned, and his newest plot is his most diabolical yet. WHAT other new...
A first time for everything : a true story
Santat, Dan
*Winner of the 2023 National Book Award for Young People's Literature* A middle grade graphic memoir based on bestselling author and Caldecott Medalist Dan Santat's awkward middle school years and the trip to Europe that changed his life. Dan's always been...
Nayra and the djinn
Ata, Iasmin Omar
In this coming-of-age graphic novel with a fantastical twist, Nayra Mansour, a Muslim American girl, is helped on her journey to selfhood by a djinn. Nothing is going right for Nayra Mansour. There's the constant pressure from her strict family, ruthless bullying from her...
Agents of S.U.I.T
Green, John Patrick
InvestiGators fans, rejoice! Get ready to dive into the first volume of AGENTS OF S.U.I.T., featuring the weird and wacky co-workers of everyone's favorite sewer-sleuthing super-agents, Mango and Brash! At S.U.I.T. headquarters, Cilantro the Chameleon finally gets what she's...
Akim Aliu: Dreamer (Original Graphic Memoir)
Akim Aliu
This honest, engrossing graphic memoir tells the story of professional athlete and activist Akim Aliu's incredible life as a hockey prodigy in Canada. Akim Aliu -- also known as "Dreamer" -- is a Ukrainian-Nigerian-Canadian professional hockey player whose career took him all around...
The Art of Getting Noticed
Chelsea M. Campbell
Introducing a hilarious and heartfelt graphic novel in which an unlikely pair of cryptids--one a Bigfoot whose failure to get himself photographed disappoints his family, and the other a Loch Ness Monster, who seems unable to escape the spotlight wherever she goes--meet up and find...
Housecat Trouble: (A Graphic Novel)
Mason Dickerson
Your favorite housecat is back and braver than ever! But when a lost kitten turns up, can Buster and his friends help it find its way home? This funny chapter-book graphic-novel series returns with more hijinks and even more cats! Buster has been around the block--literally!
Super pancake
Lloyd, Megan Wagner
It's a bird! It's a plane! It's a . . . pancake? Here is a delightfully clever and endearingly funny graphic novel about a pancake named Peggy, who accidentally develops superhero abilities and must defend her home of Breakfast Town. Life in Breakfast Town is...

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