Funniest Baseball Books

Funniest books about our national pasttime.

Updated April 21, 2023
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Ball four plus ball five
Bouton, Jim.
The church of baseball : the making of Bull Durham : home runs, bad calls, crazy fights, big swings, and a hit
Shelton, Ron 1945-
LA TIMES BESTSELLER * From the award-winning screenwriter and director of cult classic Bull Durham, the extremely entertaining behind-the-scenes story of the making of the film, and an insightful primer on the art and business of moviemaking. "This book...
When you come to a fork in the road, take it! inspiration and wisdom from one of baseball's greatest heroes
Berra, Yogi 1925-2015
One of baseball's greatest heroes presents a third collection of essays on life, happiness, and getting through the slumps. Filled with memorable photos, this volume of homespun philosophies focuses on the valuable lessons he learned both on and off the field. Author book tour.
About my mother : true stories of a horse-crazy daughter and her baseball-obsessed mother : a memoir
Rowe, Peggy
A Message from Mike Rowe, the Dirty Jobs Guy: Just to be clear, About My Mother is a book about my grandmother, written by my mother. That's not to say it's not about my mother--it is. In fact, About My Mother is as much about my...
Odd ball : hilarious, unusual, & bizarre baseball moments
Tocher, Timothy.
Adjust your helmet and step up to the plate to meet some of the oddest players, fans, managers, and mascots of America's favorite pastime--all told through comic strips! Some of the moments in these stories are silly, while others are surprising, funny, or maybe even a little gruesome. Each...
The art of fielding : a novel
Harbach, Chad.
A disastrous error on the field sends five lives into a tailspin in this widely acclaimed tale about love, life, and baseball, praised by the New York Times as "wonderful...a novel that is every bit as entertaining as it is affecting." 
Bats at the ballgame
Lies, Brian
On deck and ready for your reading lineup, New York Times bestselling author-illustrator Brian Lies's ode to "batty" baseball fans. You think humans are the only ones who enjoy America's national pastime? Grab your bat--the other kind--and your mitt, because it's a whole new ballgame when...
Baseball jokes
Why does it get hot after a baseball game? Because all the fans leave! What do you call a baseball player who throws a tantrum? A baseball brat! Any baseball fan is sure to hit a home run with this fun collection of jokes.
Wild pitch
Lupica, Mike.
This is what happens when a washed-up one-time pitching phenom and all-around jerk gets a second chance-and discovers that none of it is exactly what he expected it to be. Showtime Charlie Stoddard now occupies himself at card shows, one-night stands, and nearby watering holes. His ex-wife still...
Wait till next year : a memoir
Goodwin, Doris Kearns.
Wait Till Next Yearis the story of a young girl growing up in the suburbs of New York in the 1950s, when owning a single-family home on a tree-lined street meant the realization of dreams, when everyone knew everyone else on the block, and the children gathered in the streets to play from...

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