2023 Books for Kids: Latine & Hispanic Heritage Month

Updated September 7, 2023
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Plátanos go with everything
Norman, Lissette
Paletero Man meets Fry Bread in this vibrant and cheerful ode to plátanos, the star of Dominican cuisine, written by award-winning poet Lissette Norman, illustrated by Sara Palacios, and translated by Kianny N. Antigua. Plátanos are Yesenia's favorite food....
Our roof is blue
Echenique, Sara E.
This heartfelt story of resilience follows two siblings as they work to recover and rebuild after Hurricane Irma destroys their home in Puerto Rico. Before an intense hurricane hits their home in Puerto Rico, Antonio told his sister vibrant stories each night. During the storm,...
Plátanos go with everything = Los plátanos van con todo
Norman, Lissette
With the English and Spanish text side by side on the page, this bilingual edition of the vibrant picture book celebrating the strength of community and the versatility of plátanos is ideal for bilingual readers as well as Spanish speakers learning English and vice versa. A 2024 Bank...
A crown for Corina
Kemp, Laekan Zea
A charming story about a girl who learns a beloved family tradition and the symbolism behind the Mexican flower crown, from two Pura Belpré award-winning creators. Today is Corina's birthday, and she's excited to wear the biggest crown with the most...
Spanish is the language of my family
Genhart, Michael
An intergenerational story of family ties, cultural pride, and spelling bee victory following a young boy who bonds with his beloved abuela over a love of Spanish. As a boy prepares for his school's Spanish spelling bee, he asks his grandmother for help with some of the words he...
Something like home
Arango, Andrea Beatriz
The Pura Belpré Honor winning novel in verse, in which a lost dog helps a lonely girl find a way home to her family . . . only for them to find family in each other along the way. From the Newbery Honor winning author of Iveliz Explains It All. "Trust me: this book will touch...
Felice and the wailing woman
López, Diana
The twelve-year-old daughter of La Llorona vows to free her mother and reverse the curses that have plagued the magical town of Tres Leches in this delightfully sweet and spellbinding adventure by beloved author Diana L pez. When Felice learns that she's the daughter of La...
Ortega, Claribel A.
Winner of the Pura Belpré Award for Children's Text Winner of the Eisner for Best Publication for Kids Indie Bestseller New York Times-bestselling author Claribel A. Ortega and star debut artist Rose Bousamra's Frizzy is about Marlene, a...
Reina Ramos works it out
Otheguy, Emma
"A sparkling tale starring a resilient young protagonist" --Kirkus (starred review) Reina Ramos Works It Out is a Level Two I Can Read story about Reina Ramos, a loyal friend whose high-spirited antics sometimes cause chaos, but who always finds a way to make things right....
Barely floating
Rivera, Lilliam
A dazzling story full of heart about how one twelve-year-old channels her rage into synchronized swimming dreams, from the author of The Education of Margot Sanchez and Never Look Back, Lilliam Rivera. Natalia de la Cruz Rivera y Santiago, also known as Nat, was...
Plátanos are love
Reynoso-Morris, Alyssa
A delicious picture book about the ways plantains shape Latinx culture, community, and family, told through a young girl's experiences in the kitchen with her abuela. Abuela says, "plátanos are love." I thought they were food. But Abuela says they feed us in more...
La guitarrista
Diaz, Lucky
From the creators of Paletero Man--Latin Grammy-winning musician Lucky Diaz and celebrated artist Micah Player--comes a story about a tenacious girl who achieves her wildest dreams with a little help from her community and a broken guitar....

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Books for children in celebration of National Hispanic and Latinx Heritage Month.

Books for children in celebration of National Hispanic and Latinx Heritage Month.

Puppy love
Soto, Gary
A sweetly humorous middle grade novel packed with action, basketball, and a dash of magical realism about friendship and family, first crushes, and belonging, from acclaimed author Gary Soto. Thirteen-year-old Jordan Mendoza has a huge crush on his classmate, Sierra, but he's...

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