Health Literacy Month

October is Health Literacy Month. Delaware Libraries and their partners provide programs and information on a variety of medical, wellness, and behavioral health topics. Please visit for more!

Updated October 2, 2023
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Home detox : make your home a healthier place for everyone who lives there
Chace, Daniella
A professional toxicologist and health writer offers an enlightening and accessible room-by-room guide to identifying and removing potentially toxic items, along with suggestions for safe, affordable alternatives. From the bedroom mattress and pillows to daily...
The brain health kitchen : preventing Alzheimer's through food with 100 recipes
Fenn, Annie
"Though packed with solid science, the book isn't dense reading; [Fenn] dishes up the data and information in easily digestible bites." --Seattle Times A physician and chef identifies the top ten brain-smart ingredients and shows that eating to maintain...
The wellness trap : break free from diet culture, disinformation, and dubious diagnoses--and find your true well-being
Harrison, Christy (Nutritionist)
A searing critique of modern wellness culture and how it stands in the way of true well-being that "will change the way you think about your health--in all the best ways." (Casey Gueren) "It's not a diet, it's a lifestyle." You've probably heard this phrase from any...
Random acts of medicine : the hidden forces that sway doctors, impact patients, and shape our health
Jena, Anupam B.
Does timing, circumstance, or luck impact your health care? This groundbreaking book reveals the hidden side of medicine and how unexpected--but predictable--events can profoundly affect our health. * Is there ever a good time to have a heart attack? Why do kids born in the summer get diagnosed...
Built to move : the ten essential habits to help you move freely and live fully
Starrett, Kelly
NEW YORK TIMES BEST SELLER * Simple and proven physical practices designed to improve the way your body feels--less stiffness! fewer aches and pain!--and boost the overall quality of your life, no matter how you spend your time. From the innovators behind The Ready State and the movement...

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