Native American Heritage - Children's Nonfiction

Informational books for children about Native Americans, present and past.

Updated October 31, 2023
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Sitting Bull : Lakota warrior and defender of his people
Nelson, S. D.
An inspiring picture book biography of the Lakota/Sioux warrior and chief Sitting Bull, from award-winning author and illustrator S. D. Nelson   Sitting Bull (c. 1831-1890) was one of the greatest Lakota/Sioux warriors and chiefs who ever lived. He was...
The people shall continue
Ortiz, Simon J. 1941-
Republished for its fortieth anniversary, this powerful story by renowned Acoma Pueblo poet and storyteller Simon J. Ortiz traces the history of Native / Indigenous people of North America from the time of creation to the present. Many, many years ago, all things came to be.
Classified : the secret career of Mary Golda Ross, Cherokee aerospace engineer
Sorell, Traci
An American Indian Library Association Youth Literature Award Honor Picture Book Mary Golda Ross designed classified airplanes and spacecraft as Lockheed Aircraft Corporation's first female engineer. Find out how her passion for math and the Cherokee values she was raised with shaped her...
We are still here!
Sorell, Traci
A 2022 American Indian Youth Literature Picture Book Honor Book A 2022 Robert F. Sibert Honor Book Twelve Native American kids present historical and contemporary laws, policies, struggles, and victories in Native life, each with a powerful refrain- We are still here! ...
Finding my dance
Thundercloud, Ria
In her debut picture book, professional Indigenous dancer Ria Thundercloud tells the true story of her path to dance and how it helped her take pride in her Native American heritage. At four years old, Ria Thundercloud was brought into the powwow circle, ready to dance in the...
Turtle Island : the story of North America's first people
Yellowhorn, Eldon 1956-
Discover the amazing story of the Indigenous peoples of the Americas from the end of the Ice Age to the arrival of the Europeans. * EUREKA! Nonfiction Children's Book Awards Honoree * Waterloo Red Maple Nonfiction Award Winner  * Rocky Mountain Book Award Nominee <...

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