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Updated April 14, 2024
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The Josiah manifesto
Cahn, Jonathan
NEW YORK TIMES BEST SELLER Is there an answer, a guide, a blueprint that reveals what you need to know to survive, to stand, and to prevail in view of what's coming in the days ahead?   Has it been revealed to us in the appearing of a...
The great disappearance : 31 ways to be rapture ready
Jeremiah, David 1941-
An Instant Wall Street Journal, USA Today, and Publishers Weekly Bestseller The rapture is the central event in biblical prophecy. But what does it mean for us today How can this crucial end times event draw us nearer to God in a world that is seemingly on the brink of chaos...
Go home for dinner : advice on how faith makes a family and family makes a life
Pence, Mike 1959-
In this personal account, former Vice President Mike Pence champions one of his most deeply held beliefs: faith makes a family, and family makes a life. When Mike Pence was a young politician, reporters used to ask him: "where do you see yourself in five, ten years?" ...
The garden within : where the war with your emotions ends and your most powerful life begins
Phillips, Anita L.
NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER WALL STREET JOURNAL BESTSELLER Featured on SUPER SOUL PODCAST hosted by Oprah Winfrey. Too often we've been taught to view our emotions with suspicion...
Blessed in the mess : how to experience God's goodness in the midst of life's pain
Meyer, Joyce 1943-
Renowned Bible teacher and #1 New York Times bestselling author Joyce Meyer shows readers how to not just survive but thrive amidst both the everyday and the monumental messes we experience in life. Life is often messy. We hear people say, "My life is a mess," or "This situation...

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