Children's Valentine's Day Books

Updated January 23, 2023
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A valentine for Percy
Thomas and Percy and their engine friends celebrate Valentine's Day on the Island of Sodor! This Step 2 Thomas & Friends Step into Reading paperback is just right for train-loving boys and girls ages 4 to 6 who are reading with help. And they'll love the train-themed press-out Valentines!
A Crankenstein valentine
Berger, Samantha.
Even the crankiest monsters have hearts in this monstrously funny Valentine tale from fan favorite author Samantha Berger and bestselling, award-winning illustrator Dan Santat. An ordinary kid becomes Crankenstein on the most lovey-dovey,...
The day it rained hearts
Bond, Felicia.
A creative and sweet story, perfect for Valentine's Day, that helps open the hearts of young readers. From the beloved illustrator of If You Give a Mouse a Cookie. One day it rains hearts, and Cornelia Augusta catches them. She realizes that the hearts are perfect for making...
Franklin's valentines
Bourgeois, Paulette.
In this Franklin Classic Storybook, it's Valentine's Day and Franklin can't wait to give his friends the cards he has made. But when he gets to school, he discovers that they're missing. Franklin is heartbroken and worried that now his friends won't want to give him any cards. Big hearts prevail and...
Bad Kitty does not like Valentine's Day
Bruel, Nick
New York Times-bestselling author/illustrator Nick Bruel's naughty feline is back in the holiday adventure Bad Kitty Does Not Like Valentine's Day. Kitty does not like Valentine's Day. Because no one has given Kitty a Valentine. Maybe to get a Valentine,...
Mr. Goat's valentine
Bunting, Eve 1928-
After reading in the newspaper that it's Valentine's Day, Mr. Goat sets out in search of very special gifts for his first love. But just what would a goat choose as the perfect gifts to show how he feels? Readers will be in for a surprise at Mr. Goat's nontraditional selections. From acclaimed...
The Valentine bears
Bunting, Eve 1928-
Mr. and Mrs. Bear have never celebrated St. Valentine's Day because they hibernate during the winter.
Katy Duck and the secret valentine
Capucilli, Alyssa Satin 1957-
Katy Duck has a secret admirer in this Level 1 Ready-to-Read story for beginning readers. Roses are red, violets are blue, I'm glad to have a friend like you! Guess who? "Tra-la-la. Guess who?" said Katy Duck. "Who could...
Henry and the Valentine surprise
Carlson, Nancy L.
Just before Valentine's Day, Henry and his classmates discover a heart-shaped box on their teacher Mr. McCarthy's desk. Who's it for? As the students spy on Mr. McCarthy, they see him talking to the playground monitor, smiling at the lunch lady, and eating with the French teacher! How many...
Be my valentine
Carr, Jan (M. J.)
The course of true love certainly doesn't run smoothly when Isadore Mouse--who doesn't exactly have a way with words--tries to tell Athena that he wants her to be his valentine. Full color throughout.
Secret valentine
Damon, Laura.
Who's sending secret valentines to Molly Mouse? A Giant First-Start Reader.
Pete the Cat : Valentine's Day is cool
Dean, Kim 1969-
Pete the Cat thinks Valentine's Day isn't cool . . . that is, until he realizes how many special cats there are in his life! Join Pete the Cat on this awesome Valentine's Day adventure, complete with Valentine's Day cards, stickers, and a fold-out poster!
Llama Llama, be my valentine!
Dewdney, Anna
Look out, world--Llama Llama is a TV star! The beloved character, made famous by Anna Dewdney's best-selling picture books, is the star of his own original series, now airing on Netflix. This episode-based Penguin Young Reader tells the story of Llama and his classmates learning to say "I love you!"...
Happy Valentine's Day, Curious George!
Di Angelo, N.
George and his friends celebrate Valentine's Day with decorating, baking, card making, and some unexpected hilarity along the way! Just how much mischief can a curious little monkey get into when balloons, frosting, and glitter are involved Fold-out flaps on each scene reveal lively...
Mia : the sweetest valentine
Farley, Robin.
Love is in the air! It's Valentine's Day, and Mia, Anna, and Ruby are celebrating with a special party. There are streamers, balloons, and valentines, and Mia even finds a box of chocolates that she shares with her friends. It's the perfect day . . . until Mia finds out that the box of chocolates...
Valentine's Day
Flanagan, Alice K.
All about the history of Valentine's Day, and how the holiday is celebrated today.
Ruby Valentine and the sweet surprise
Friedman, Laurie B. 1964-
For Ruby Valentine, two pets means twice the love! There's a new addition in the Valentine house: a kitten! He's soft and sweet, and Ruby is happy to have him. But not everyone shares Ruby's enthusiasm. Lovebird's feathers are more than a little ruffled. And when Valentine's Day...
Happy Valentine's Day, Miss Hildy!
Grambling, Lois G.
Miss Hildy is a detective, sort of - with a cape, a magnifying glass, and a little black book for taking notes.  So when a strange Valentine's Day gift appears on her doorstep, Miss Hildy smells a mystery.  Luckily, her secret admirer is aterriblespeller who leaves a trail of misspelled clues.  
Roses are pink, your feet really stink
De Groat, Diane.
When Gilbert writes two not-so-nice valentines to his classmates, his prank quickly turns into pandemonium. But there's always time for a change of heart on Valentine's Day.
Minnie's valentine
Higginson, Sheila Sweeny 1966-
Love is in the air at the Clubhouse, but Mickey has no idea what to get Minnie for Valentine's Day. Minnie goes undercover, using a disguise to teach Mickey how to make a heartfelt Valentine's Day gift.
Big heart! : a Valentine's Day tale
Holub, Joan.
The ants are hard at work in their classroom on a big Valentine's Day card! They will add lace and glue and stars. But who will they send it to? The Ant Hill kids list all of the possibilities before settling on one lucky person: their teacher!
Dora loves Boots
Inches, Alison.
It's Valentine's Day and Dora and Boots can't wait to spend it together.
A valentine for Frankenstein
Kimmelman, Leslie
Frankenstein isn't your typical monster. For starters, he only has one head, just two eyes, and no tail. And worst of all, he's sort of nice! Frankenstein quickly realizes his friendly behavior is out of place at the Valentine's Day Bash. There's one monster, though,...
The biggest valentine ever
Kroll, Steven.
A Valentine's themed installment in the New York Times bestselling series, The Biggest Ever! Two friends decide to make a Valentine's Day card together but when things go awry, they break into a fight. A sweet tale about love and friendship that is perfect for all-year-round! When Mrs...
Grumpy monkey Valentine gross-out
Lang, Suzanne
The New York Times #1 bestselling character Jim Panzee is very grumpy about Valentine's Day until his buddy Norman shows him that the holiday is for everyone. Two pages of full-color stickers are included for extra fun! This holiday hardcover book is brimming with the same...
Mirabel's missing valentines
Lawler, Janet
When Mirabel's valentines fall out of her bag on the way to school, the shy little mouse panics. But those lost cards brighten some days . . . before making their way back to her. "This sweetly inspiring story of a timid mouse stepping outside her comfort...
The secret valentine
London, Jonathan 1947-
Join Duck, Hippo, and their friends as they uncover their secret valentines! It's Valentine's Day, and something curious is going on. As the birds tweet their love songs, Hippo and his friends Elephant, Pig, and Turtle each receive mysterious, unsigned Valentine's Day cards. Hippo...
Happy Valentine's Day, little critter!
Mayer, Mercer 1943-
Join Mercer Mayer's classic and beloved character, Little Critter®, for his class's Valentine's Day celebration! This 8x8 storybook is complete with gatefold flaps for readers to pull back and discover all the fun Valentine's Day surprises. From decorating the classroom with hearts...
Happy Valentine's day, Mouse!
Numeroff, Laura Joffe
Join Mouse from If You Give a Mouse a Cookie as he celebrates Valentine's Day with all the friends he loves.
Amelia Bedelia's first Valentine
Parish, Herman
The New York Times bestselling picture book! It's Valentine's Day in young Amelia Bedelia's classroom. And you know Amelia Bedelia--she wears her heart on her sleeve. The second book in the nationally bestselling series about the childhood of America's favorite literal-minded...
It's Valentine's Day
Prelutsky, Jack.
These fourteen silly, sweet poems by nationally bestselling author Jack Prelutsky are perfect for Valentine's Day. This Level 4 I Can Read title is ideal for readers who are ready for wordplay, exciting themes, and fun vocabulary words! Fourteen easy-to-read poems go straight to the heart-...
It's Valentine's Day
Prelutsky, Jack.
A collection of Valentine poems including I Made My Dog a Valentine and I Love You More Than Applesauce.
Valentine mice!
Roberts, Bethany.
"Skip! Hop! Zip! Nip!" The sprightly characters from "Halloween Mice!" frolic across a wintry landscape to deliver valentines to all their woodland friends. Lively rhymed text filled with sounds that are fun to say aloud, and a simple mystery -- what happened to the littlest mouse? -- that is...
The secret life of squirrels : a love story
Rose, Nancy (Nancy Patricia) 1954-
Love is in the air with another irresistible photographic story of wild squirrels in homemade miniature settings, delighting readers and animal lovers of all ages. A companion to The Secret Life of Squirrels and Merry Christmas, Squirrels! sure to surprise and...
If you'll be my Valentine
Rylant, Cynthia.
IF YOU'LL BE MY VALENTINE Cynthia Rylant and Fumi Kosaka If You'll Be My Valentine sweetly celebrates the true meaning of Valentine's Day. Charming prose and captivatingly sweet art create an adorable tableau of loving wishes from one little boy to all the...
Little Blue Truck's valentine
Schertle, Alice
Spread the love with Little Blue Truck--a perfect Valentine's Day read-aloud in this best-selling series! "Beep!" said Blue. "Happy Valentine's Day!" Join Little Blue Truck as he delivers Valentine's Day cards to all his farm animal friends. But as Blue beeps along, he starts to...
10 Valentine friends : a counting book
Schulman, Janet.
It's Valentine's Day and the 10 little neighbors in this book are busy making Valentines for their closest friends. A dinosaur card, thinks little Pete, My pal Max would find really neat. Will everyone get a Valentine at the big Valentine's Day party? You can...
Be my valentine, Charlie Brown
Schulz, Charles M. (Charles Monroe) 1922-2000
A Charlie Brown valentine
Schulz, Charles M. (Charles Monroe) 1922-2000
Celebrate Valentine's Day with Charlie Brown, Snoopy, and the rest of the Peanuts gang in this retelling of a beloved Valentine's Day TV special! Charlie Brown is excited about Valentine's Day. It's the perfect excuse to finally talk to the Little Red-Haired Girl! He's ready to...
A valentine for Charlie Brown
Schulz, Charles M. (Charles Monroe) 1922-2000
Charlie Brown and the Peanuts gang have made an indelible mark on so manytreasured American holidays and traditions, from Charlie Brown's infamousChristmas tree to Linus's obsession with the Great Pumpkin. And who canforget the most romantic--and occasionally loneliest--of all holidays?From...
Celebrate Love Day!
Schwartz, Alexandra Cassel
A new generation of children love Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood, inspired by the classic series Mister Rogers' Neighborhood! Daniel Tiger celebrates Love Day by making cards for the people he loves. This 8x8 storybook comes with eight cardstock love notes that...
Love, Splat
Scotton, Rob.
Turkey's Valentine surprise
Silvano, Wendi 1962-
Turkey is delivering his valentines in disguise in this funny addition to the popular series. Turkey loves nothing better than a good trick...except maybe a good disguise. So for Valentine's Day, he decides to secretly deliver a card to each of his friends. But when he dresses up as...
Love, Escargot
Slater, Dashka
Fall in love with this laugh-out-loud third picture book in the bestselling Escargot series about a cute French snail who attends a Valentine's Day party--the perfect gift for Valentine's Day or celebrating love all year round. Bonjour! Today is Snailentine's Day, and...
Valentine's day disaster
Stilton, Geronimo.
Enter the world of Geronimo Stilton, where another funny adventure is always right around the corner. Each book is a fast-paced adventure with lively art and a unique format kids 7-10 will love.It was Valentine's Day in New Mouse City, and I couldn't wait to celebrate! I had sent valentine...
Tiny T. Rex and the perfect valentine
Stutzman, Jonathan
Lovable bestselling Tiny T. Rex is back from the critically acclaimed Tiny T. Rex and The Impossible Hug, this time in a Valentine's Day dinosaur board book adventure! Valentine's Day is coming, which means showing the ones you love how much they mean to you,...
Valentines are for saying I love you
Sutherland, Margaret.
Thanksgiving Is for Giving Thanks has been a perennial best seller since its publication in 2000! Now this sweet follow-up is sure to "hit the spot" for another holiday-the one on February 14th. Candy hearts, flowers, boxes of chocolate, sure! But most of all, Valentine?s Day is to say "I...
Happy Valentine's Day, Charlie Brown!
Testa, Maggie
Join Charlie Brown, Lucy, and the rest of the Peanuts gang as they celebrate Valentine's Day in this Level 2 Ready-to-Read! It's Valentine's Day and Charlie Brown is trying to find the courage to give the Little Red-Haired Girl a valentine! With a little encouragement from Lucy,...
Mouse's first valentine
Thompson, Lauren 1962-
Early one morning, Mouse follows his sister around the house. She's making something special. It's red and lacy and very pretty. Snip! Snip! Snip! What will it be?
Here comes Valentine Cat
Underwood, Deborah
The New York Times bestselling Cat is back just in time for Valentine's Day!Full of humor and heart, this picture book is perfect for fans of Bad Kitty, Mo Willems's Elephant and Piggie books, and of course, Cat's other capers, including Here Comes the Easter Cat,...
The night before Valentine's Day
Wing, Natasha
It's the sweetest holiday of the year! Celebrate love and Valentine's Day with card-making, tasty treats, and more in this installment of Natasha Wing's best-selling series. Join in on all of the colorful fun, and then come along to school the next morning for a day of parties...
Mouse and Mole, secret valentine
Yee, Wong Herbert
Mole took a piece of pink paper and folded it in half. He drew a curvy line in pencil. "That looks like my tail," giggled Mouse. "Don't be silly!" chuckled Mole. He cut along the line with scissors. Snip, snip,...
What is Valentine's Day?
Ziefert, Harriet.
What is Valentine's Day? Little Mouse asks. This lift-the-flap book introduces children to the love-filled holiday. Follow Little Mouse as she makes and delivers valentines to her friends, family, and the bunny rabbit next door. There's even a surprise at the end for Little Mouse. Full color.

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